Realistic, supportive and action-oriented.

Good Roots Consulting is a strategy and evaluation firm dedicated to supporting non-profits, governments and other social purpose organizations to strengthen their impact with minimal organizational resources.

We understand the challenges of making time for effective strategic planning and evaluation with all the other demands being made of your organization. We also know that these activities can be disruptive and intimidating for staff, volunteers and participants. Ultimately, it is these constraints and sensitivities that inform our process and make us the right partner to achieve your goals.



Reality. Check.  

We promise not to make you do a randomized control trial.

Our techniques and tools will be commensurate to your informational needs. Our goal is to collect helpful information and develop realistic plans that enable you to work more effectively—not to achieve an overzealous scientific standard. We will keep our supports affordable, work efficiently and be completely transparent when it comes to our fees and deliverables.


Speaking your languagE.

We promise not to use confusing evaluation terms.

Our interactions will be straightforward and enjoyable. We will be considerate of the input and time of all stakeholders, from program participants to board members, and make sure that they feel comfortable and confident that their contributions are valued. We will take on the roles of co-creators and co-learners, working with you rather than for you. We will act as motivational coaches to get the job done well and in a timely manner.


Action pact.

We promise not to develop plans and reports that will collect dust on a shelf.

We will translate strategic plans, evaluation results and research into accessible information that the whole team can understand and use to strengthen their work. We will support your capacity to innovate by developing flexible action plans and evaluation tools that can shift and adapt as your thinking and activities evolve in response to changing community needs.




We have been privileged to support the good work of these and other organizations in areas such as gender equity, arts and culture, food security, environment, recreation and settlement.